Friendship bracelets

When this fad started becoming popular again I think back when I was in elementary school and junior high school and my wrists were covered with friendship bracelets from multiple friends and some I made myself. I think in elementary school it was friendship bracelets, slap bracelets and swatch watch where the face popped out and I could switch the colors. I had an arm party before we even knew what an arm party was 🙂

Well I have to say the new fangled friendship bracelets or charm bracelets I am obsessed with.

I ordered the friendship bracelets from my absolute favorite site Jewelmint (are you tired of hearing me talk about them yet 😉  ) anyways, they are simple and you can share the love to your besties, I mean isn’t that the point of the friendship bracelet?

(kind of dark but there is a light purple and rose gold, green and gold and then a greenish gray and silver. A very grown up approach to the friendship bracelet.

I also really love the charm bracelets from Calypso St. Barths like this snake one


these fun friendship bracelets from Michelle Leroy. They aren’t completely my style but they are quite fun.

What’s your opinion on the trend? do you rock a friendship bracelet anymore? would you?


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