My favorite products for Uber Dry Winter skin

I love when the weather starts to turn crisp. I adore bright blue skies, sunshine and crazy cold weather. Being able to bundle up in gorgeous jackets, scarves, hats and gloves. I just love it. But what come with the snap of cold weather is itchy dry skin, which I don’t love. I unfortunately get the driest of skin my lips legs its awful. The most un-sexy thing is having dry skin, but its even worse to have really dry lips so I try to make sure my lips are always moisturized.


I have tried many different types of lip treatments and only three have actually worked for me.


This tiny little jar is the most terrific creation ever. Now, this should be common knowledge but DO NOT put this anywhere there is a cut or area of sensitivity. There is menthol in this and I swear once this gets on that area wherever it should not be is a ridonkulously crazy burn. I’m just saving you the agony lol EXTERNAL USE ONLY 😉

You can can get Carmex at any drugstore, Target sells it for .99 cents or you can currently get a 10 piece pack for $9.99.

Now, if you have never tried Carmex but not want to spend the money Carmex pulls 50 names from a weekly drawing and will send those people they choose will get a free Carmex.

The best thing about Carmex is that the product is NOT tested on animals.


This has been around since 1895 in Maryland. It’s a family company and while this is their best-selling product they have so many terrific products and other versions of this. But this is my favorite. I have used this product for close to 10 years. I don’t wear lipstick as much as I used to, actually I don’t wear it at all, but when I did I would put a bit of this on top to give it a little more shine. Not only is this product great on your lips but it is nice on your cuticles too. I have gotten mine at Anthropologie but you can get it at Sephora for $6.00 so many other places like Amazon, and I think even Target.



I have always been a fan of the St. Ives products. The apricot face scrub is probably my favorite exfoliator and it’s so cheap. Their Oatmeal & Shea lotion is to die. It’s for dry itchy skin and I swear, I slather this on the areas that are really dry and right away I can feel my body feeling not so tight and dry.

Match this with the body wash and you will feel smell and feel so great all day.

So, two major thumbs up on two things, 1: it’s like $2 bucks at any drugstore or Target and 2: there are no animal products in any of their products and there for not tested on animals. *YAY*


I love their products but I don’t always love going into the store. I have to say though that their body washes and the body butters are amazing. The body washes run at $12.50 but I am sure everyone is familiar with the store, but if not they usually do some great specials. Now, I recommend the creamy body washes and the body cream or body butter. It’s just thicker and makes your skin feel amazing. The fragrances in them can be a bit strong but everyone has their own favorites that others don’t like.


Now, this is a bit more expensive but well worth the money and it lasts forever. it’s $40, and I think you can only get it at L’Occitane, but you might be able to get it online at Sephora because I do know they do sell it. It smells so good and OMG feels amazing on. It implodes your body with moisture. I love it.




I got this at Whole Foods and I totally paid way more than what it sells for online. At Whole Foods I bought it for $8 dollars but if you get it online or even at the drugstore it’s $3. Either way it’s well worth the money. I actually use this where ever I feel like it’s needed. My lips a lot, elbows, knees and feet. I love this. Also again this product is made pure plant oils and natural waxes and not animal tested or animal products.

Well, these are some of my favorite products for the winter blues.

What do you use? What are some of your favorites? Have you used any of these products? If so what are your opinions?


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