I started using Jewelmint a year ago, when they opened and I have been such a fan. If you’re not familiar with Jewelmint check it out. It’s such a great concept. All this amazing jewelry all for $29.95 each and each month you get a brand new showroom. Also, all the jewelry is designed by Actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter. If you decide you don’t want to shop that month you can just easily skip a month. The jewelry is quite frankly the best I’ve seen in a while. Amazing quality for a low price. It reminds me a lot of the type of jewelry that has a very bohemian feel to it and could either be super expensive or you could find it at a market like in Marrakesh.

I have purchased a few items from them and I just got my most recent piece the “Lunar Blue Necklace”. It’s a great piece that would look great with just a plain t-shirt or with something colorful.

Jewelmint has a couple of sister companies, including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with, all super stylish and cozy t-shirts and just recently launched, with Jessica Simpson which designed a facial cleanser designed for your skin type.


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