What I wore

Now, I know the whole concept is to have a photo of myself in my outfit, but I decided to do this at the last-minute and couldn’t get my camera to self time. So, I just added a few photos of what I wore today!

 Merona Sleeveless Challis Dress~Target


Assets High wasted tights~ Now, it doesn’t if you’re a size 0 or a size 20 each woman needs a pair of spanx and these tights are amazing. They stay put, don’t roll down, slim the tummy, shape the behind. Plus the best type of tights are a dark opaque, not shear and these are perfect. The best way to tell is hold them up to the light, if you can see through them their too shear. That is if you want a super solid black tight, if you want a bit sheer then ignore that tip ;).

V-neck Cardigan-Old Navy

Woven Solid Scarf~Target

Faux Leather knee-high boots~ Old Navy (sold out)

Leather bomber jacket with hood~BlueFly. Now mine is not this one, but mine is incredibly similar to this but I got mine about two years ago at Nordstrom.

Well, I know this isn’t amazing and I promise the next one I do I will actually be in these photos 😉


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