Gaga’s Workshop At Barney’s

Have you been following Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Barney’s? Well in 12 days, November 21st Barney’s New York is creating Gaga’s Workshop. According to Barney’s New York, they will be closing down a whole floor of their Madison Avenue store for a complete one of a kind Gaga Holiday extravaganza. Gaga’s Workshop, will be selling one of a kind Gaga inspired goodies, including Gaga face cookies for $15 among other things that are still a secret to the public. The website is totally trippy and I love it. There are secret codes that you can find to unlock specials and the best thing is that with each purchase 25% of the proceeds go to the Born this way charity which Lady Gaga has recently created, which empowers youth the embrace their creative and unique self and empower bravery.

If you haven’t already checked out the website for Gaga’s Workshop, you must it’s amazing. and if you’re in the NYC area hope on over and check out the genius that is at work. I for one could only wish I was in NYC right now. Not only to check this out, but to also be there for Christmas. I have always wanted to do that. 🙂




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