Whats your signature scent?

I LOVE perfume, but I am super-duper sensitive to a lot of fragrances. I love essential oils especially vanilla and I adore the bath and body works lotions. Typically I really just wear a warm vanilla lotion or my st. Ives Oatmeal lotion. But every now and again comes a long a fragrance that I could wear on a regular basis that doesn’t give me a headache and isn’t to strong.

I love warm, soft notes in my fragrance and often times what it smells like in the bottle is not at all what it smells like on me. Each person pheromones will decide what that fragrance will smell like on you. My top four fragrances that I adore are

Prada Infusion d’Iris Eau De Parfum spray $78-$135~This is my favorite for spring and summer actually. It’s incredibly light, with lots of fruit and floral but still warms up after it sets. So lovely. 

Balenciaga Paris Eau De Parfum $95-$130~ By far the most amazing scent in a long time. Now, this scent may not be for everyone but it’s so rich, sophisticated and chic. It’s a bit musky and peppery but it sets so nicely and you can wear it to work and even in the evening. Plus isn’t the bottle just stunning? 

Juicy Couture “Viva La Juicy” Eau De Parfum $69-$89~ This has been my co to fragrance for some time now. Now, this can become quite strong, like any fragrance you don’t want to over do it (less is more). This has everything I love about a fragrance, it does have florals (which arent my favorite) but it has that woodsy scent, amber, vanilla and caramel. MMMM I get compliments on this scent all the time. 

~Now Finally my absolute favorite new scent that I will be picking up as soon as I can.~

Prada ‘Candy’ Eau de Parfum $80-$108~ I cannot emphasize howAHHHHHMMMMAAAZZZING this scent is! I am in love. I keep getting whiffs of myself (that sounds weird) all i want to do is eat my arm (again, weird, I know). It smells so amazing, so warm, so freaking sexy!! Lots of musk, lots of powdery scents, caramel. Just true goodness. And perfect for the holidays. It is quite the head turning fragrance. Plus isn’t the bottle divine? It’s incredibly sophisticated and very retro kind of 60’s. 

Now, where to spray your scents! The most common places to put your scent are behind your ears, wrists and even on the inside of your arm where your arm bends (totally don’t know what that’s called.) But I actually spray my scent on the back of my neck, at the nap and in my hair. Especially if I am going on a date. So, when he goes in for a hug he gets a light smell that leaves him wanting more 😉 he he. Plus I find that if I spritz my hair a tad when I walk the wind blows the fragrance. It’s probably not great for your hair so I don’t spray very much just a tiny bit.

Whats your favorite scent? Any new fragrance you love right now?


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