Another organizing idea

Are you a sunglasses junkie like me? I have a habit of buying sunglasses like there free candy at a hostess stand at a cheap restaurant! I LOVE the accessory! There are so many styles and colors there just so fun. I buy cheapy ones mostly H&M and forever 21, even some gorgeous vintage Dior sunnies that make me feel like Jackie O when I wear them, but every now and again I will splurge….hello Chanel! So I tend to toss my glasses around and find them in the most random places, under the seat, shoved in drawers, in unused purses. I got tired of always being on the search so I decided to get a tad creative but not invest to much time. I had purchased these picture hanging hooks that look like this. They come in different sizes and I got the assorted sizes. Once I hung all my pictures and art work I still had a ton left over so I took the medium and big sizes and lined them up on the wall next to my dresser. Took the nail that comes with and hammered away! I spaced them a good 3-5 inches apart I think ( I didn’t measure just eye balled). After that, I took three pairs of sunglasses and just rested them on the hook. Low and behold a cheap and easy way to store your sunglasses and not to mention a fun way to display them. It’s almost like an art instillation. In this photo I only put up 3 sunnies but that’s because I knew I was moving soon so I didn’t want to punch a ton of holes in the wall.



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