Happy Halloween

In the spirit of one of my favorite holidays and with the Day of the Dead just around the corner I.E. Tomorrow 🙂 I wanted to share some of my favorite Gothic and spooky accessories that are not only perfect for the holiday but super chic for every day.

Alexander McQueen Tapestry Cushion $675

 Now I know this is definitely NOT gothic BUT I did want to include it because I adore this jacket. Not only is it super modern and fashion forward it could also be used for a costume effect. Think Prince, Freddie Mercury or Ziggy Stardust? I adore, but at a near $10,000 price tag? It’s probably just a piece I would sit and stare at.

How fun is this? and at only $14? such a bargain.

Pamela Love Bird Skull ring $805

Topshop Skull and Spike necklace $80

Pagan Ring from Topshop

Skull broach from Topshop

Venezia Chandelier $279 Z.Gallerie

Angelique Mirror $399 Z.Gallerie

Phantom Candelabra $39.95 Z.Gallerie (Can you tell I love Z.Gallerie?)

Oh! and have you seen these gorgeous Halloween costumes straight from the Runway from Vogue.com? Take a peek here! http://www.vogue.com/fashion/most-wanted/halloween-costumes-straight-from-the-runways/



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