A weighty issue

I don’t know about you, but these days I put on weight a lot quicker than I shed it. I have a weakness for anything carb loaded. I LOVE salty comfort foods, and LOVE my pastas and breads. I grew up eating a lot of carb loaded meals and as a child I was incredibly thin but once I hit 15 years old is when my weight issue began. I stopped growing in height and started growing in width. I gained quite a bit of weight my freshman and sophomore year of high school. The summer before my junior year I lost nearly 20-25 pounds and went in to my senior year feeling way more confident. I kept that weight off until I was about 22, then I gained it back and then some. When I was 23 I lost the 20 pounds and a few more. I kept that weight off until I was 28. I am 31 now and over the past year I have gained more weight than I wish to admit.

A lot of the reason I am having a hard time losing the weight is because I am not exactly in the best mind frame. I want to lose the weight and I worked with a personal trainer. I felt great but my mind was eating me alive. What I mean by that is, I was/under copious amounts of stress, anxiety and depression. I was/am so sad, but I didn’t know why. The hardest way for someone to lose weight is not be in the right mind frame.

Well, you have to start somewhere and I have started with working out and suppressing the anxiety as much as I can. I have started swapping my carbs for healthier choices like more leaner slices of chicken and lots of spinach.

I have heard a lot of people swapping their pasta with spinach, basically making your pasta with spinach instead of pasta.

Often times when you want pasta, you want pasta and the substitute of spinach just doesn’t cut it. What I have done was actually layer my bowl with spinach, and then put a small amount of whole wheat pasta on top with a dollop of sauce. I have to tell you it tastes amazing, and so incredibly filling.

Fresh spinach is probably a better alternative, but I go to Trader Joes and get frozen spinach and it’s pretty great.

My other new fat blasting tool is definitely not “new” but it’s new to me. My lean, mean, fat burning machine George Forman Grill. I LOVE this thing! I am NOT a cook, but for the past week I have really gotten into this and it has a lot to do with that grill. I’m just sayin!

How do you keep your meals light? Any suggestions? Comment below!


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