Stylish Dog Walking looks

I am a dog owner. If you are a dog owner you know that the moment you wake up in the morning you need to take your pooch outside to the bathroom. Often times your friend will wake you up far earlier than you had intended to wake up. Let’s say it’s Saturday morning and your furry friend is ready to go at 7am the easiest thing to do is just throw on a sweatshirt and sweat pants and head out the door. It’s 7am on a Saturday who are you gonna run into. Now if your lucky enough to have a house with a back yard the easiest would be to just let them out back but like a lot of people we live in communal living I.E. Apartments. Which means we have to take the elevator or stairs to outside. I have to be honest I have pulled the work out pants and hooded sweatshirt in the morning, but Murphy’s Law would have that I would end up running into the most handsome man EVER and I look like way to haggard.

It takes just as long to put on your sweat pants and sweatshirt as it would take to make a little effort. And, who are we kidding, you really never know who you are going to meet.

Fall/Winter Walking the dog looks

First Look: Leopord Print Beret-Topshop $32,T by Alexander Wang Chunky Wool Pullover-$235, Cheap Monday Racer Back $32, 7 for all mankind skinny low jeans $180, Sambag Tina Stone Plain Leather $185 Second Look: Johnstons Black ribbed cashmere beret $105, I Love Leon Blouse $120, Reptile Jacket by Allsaints $550, Hunter’s women tall original gloss Wellingtons $105.

On the left I chose an outfit for the weather right now. It’s clearly fall so it’s much cooler and it’s just going to get colder but it’s still warm enough to just throw on a sweater, especially if your only going to be out for about 20 minutes walking your best friend. I kept the sweater and shoes super casual but I LOVE hats, and in the morning I want to cover my morning hair with a super chic leopard print beret. Beret’s can be a tad cheese ball but so long as there not just sitting on your head and more slouched they can be super on trend. I chose just a flat shoes because they are so freaking comfortable and good for a slow stride while your pup sniffs out the joint for the perfect bathroom spot.

Here in Seattle, the rain and cold is going to kick in hard-core any moment and when it rains it RAINS. Walking to dog in the rain is the worst, it’s funny too because my dog is a big boy but he hates the water, he barks at the rain but he needs to go to the bathroom but hates the rain so much he panics by just standing there not sure what to do, so I end up just kicking it in the rain. Good water proof footwear is ideal here in Seattle. Anywhere else I would say a cheap rain boot is ok but why not spend a little cash on a well worth the money pair of Wellingtons. Not only are they amazingly comfy, but surprisingly chic. Who knew a rain boot could be so chic? I have to say, maybe it’s me being from Seattle, but I adore a Wellington with tights and a cute little dress. Maybe that’s just me.

My Dog Zeke

So, walking a dog with an umbrella is pretty much not gonna happen, make sure to have a jacket that will do well in the rain but has a hood. I also add a hat just in case the hood falls down during the walk.

I hope this helps with some suggestions, in super cute, early morning dog walks.

Suggestions? Comment below!


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