Job interview

The job interview is the most stressful moment for some people. I know for me it’s always about the outfit. How to present myself in a professional way but still staying stylish, young and fun. I always try to add a pop of color in my interview outfits and stand out. A basic suit is always so boring to be. I always say, if your going to wear a suit at least give a little bit of that “wow” factor so you stand out.

In my current job I have had to my fair share of interviews and there were so many solid black outfits, and so many who came in jeans. I feel like you can’t be taken seriously when you show up in jeans to an interview.

Untitled #15


Prada D’Iris $78~Banana Republic Tote $130~Wendy Mink Gold Druzy Ring $182~Zac Posen Skirt $1390~Revlon N004 “nude”~Guieseppe Zanotti Patent Pumps $300~Dior Addict Lipstick $28~Betsy Johnson Rose Gold Watch $245

Now, this is not a good interview for a corporate job, i’ll give suggestions for that later, but this would be a great outfit for a more creative firm. With the pink shirt, i’d tuck it in and roll up the sleeves closer to my elbows. Because the shirt is so bright and this is an interview I want to keep the rest of my outfit fairly simple.

Remember you don’t want to wear super short skirts at an interview or even in the work place unless it’s a job where it’s appropriate. I am not positive how long or short this skirt is, but it should come to right above the knee to be work appropriate.

Like I said I want to keep things simple, and that includes my accessories, I love nude heels. Heels in general make anyone’s legs look amazing. The thing about nude heels is they make your legs look infinate, but make sure you get a pair that are closest to your natural skin tone and not super duper high, I have heard that most hiring managers don’t love it when gals come in in sky high heels.

Try to keep your accessories simple. I think a statement necklace is great, but often times a simple rose gold watch and ring will be just enough.

Keep your nails newly and nicely manicured. I love a dark nail color but at an interview I like to keep them either a pale pink or a nice nude. I also keep my makeup super fresh, eyeliner, mascara and a pretty light pink blush and lip color. I personally steer clear of eyeshadow, but to have a more matte colored eyelid I do sweep on a light dabble of “malt” from MAC. it’s just a super pretty, super light pinky color.

Strong perfume is the worst, especially if your stuck in a small office with someone who smells as though they bathed in perfume. I either just use a nice lotion, I find that Olay Quench has the most amazing soft smell, but if I am going the perfume route I love Prada Infusion D’Iris, it’s really light (only need one squirt) and when it settles into your skin it becomes this gorgeous floral powedery scent.

Finally, When I go to an interview I always like to bring my resume with me. I find that most hiring managers will ask me for a resume when I get to the interview. Either way it’s always good to be prepared. I used a big tote bag like this one from Banana Republic because its big enough to keep a file with my resume and references.

I am going to add one more look for a more corporate approach to an interview.
I hope you enjoyed!

Do you have any suggestions? let me know!


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