Halloween Fun!

It’s that time of hear again, where the ghosts and goblins will be roaming the city looking for treats! I LOVE Fall and the holidays, especially Halloween. It’s so much fun to get dressed up, decorate your home and with the gorgeous fall weather, crisp, changing of the leaves, it’s just so beautiful!

I LOVE decorating for the Holidays, Halloween and Christmas are my favorite, but I love so many of the fun and creative things you can do for Halloween without making it look kitschy or cheap. I was searching the web for some great decorations and here are a few of my original and favorite ideas.

A classic and simple silhouette style pumpkin. It has a super cute simple country-style. This is such a fun idea if your having a party.

Now I don’t LOVE everything here, but what I do LOVE is that mirror, I love that it looks like something that was found in an old mansion on the top of a hill that probably contains ghosts :). Also I love the idea of spray painting pumpkins in the silver or even gold. It really adds a bit of sophistication.

Metallic Skull $29.95 I saw this at Z.Galleries and I WANT! I would definitely leave this out on a regular basis, not just for Halloween.

I adore these crow wall decals.

I think my favorite things are black chandeliers and LOTS of candles.

I am still thinking of what to wear for Halloween but I am going back and forth between gothic vamp and 1970’s Saturday Night Fever Disco Gal.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so what are you going as? Do you have fun home decorating you want to share? comment below! 


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