My fall go to nail color

It is safe to say I adore fall! I mean I love summer and I love the sunshine, but I adore all of the gorgeous fall colors, boots, and of course all of the holidays.

It took awhile, but I am so into nail colors I have aquired a ridiculous amount of nail polishes in a very short time.

Right now for fall I love Metro Chic by OPI for Sephora. It’s ¬†gorgeous purply gray color and it’s perfect for fall. I don’t have a photo of it but you can find it at the store or online.

Once it starts to get a little more cold out I am going to go back to my all time favorite which is Vintage Vamp by MAC. I got it for halloween in 2009 because I was going as a flapper and I wanted a really deep red and this was not only perfect for the costume (see pic below) but it quickly became my absolute favorite nail color. You can kind of see the color on in the photo. (sorry for the quality of the photo it’s a tad cheese ball taking a photo on yourself in the bathroom mirror.)

Halloween 2009
Vintage Vamp by MAC $15.00 (click the photo to be taken directly to the site)


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