Flying In Style?

I realized the other day that I travel more frequently than I realize. As I travel, little by little I realize how to pack smarter, and create a more stylish airport style and minimize my carry on items.

When I travel I always want to stay stylish, but comfortable but I always end up wearing heels, to many carry ons and over pack. I am slowly realizing that you can still stay stylish but still being incredibly comfortable. I added a few items down below for what I would wear on a flight and what I would bring along.

I am obsessed with scarves, sunglasses and hats I love them. I love layers and when I fly I liked to make sure I am warm because I always end up way to cold on a flight. I love a slouchy knit cap and a really large scarf that I can use as a wrap too. Not only am I obsessed with my layers I LOVE an oxford or a loafer. They give any outfit a super sexy men’s style but still staying feminine. When it comes to my carry on’s I have learned to keep it small, that is why I have started just carrying a really large handbag, large enough for me to add a magazine and one of my favorite novels “Great Gatsby”. I don’t go anywhere without my iphone and Ipad, I would carry my Ipad in the dream worthy Proenza Schouler Ipad case in bright green. (I’m totally into neon’s and brights this year).
Of course you are going to have luggage to haul and this J.crew suitcase is my ideal roller. It is completely retro but still a roller, I LOVE the yellow too!!

This style probably isn’t everyone’s favorite but I adore it.

travel mode


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